March 2015 - n°8
New path to admission: Medicine to Engineer Bridge Programme
Based on the fact that a growing number of first-year students are giving up medical studies and opting for the school’s undergraduate course the following year, ESIGELEC decided to open a « Medicine to Engineer Bridge Programme » in February 2015.
Conferences, activities, performances and presentations put the spotlight on the international environment for a week at ESIGELEC.  Every day from midday to 2 p.m. the school was decked out in the world’s colours to introduce the students and the school’s staff to the wealth of the school’s international work.
The ESAA (Electronic Systems for Automobiles and Aeronautics) major was set up at the beginning of February 2015 after being presented to 2nd year students in November 2014.
Once again this year, ESIGELEC organised its Poster Day in February, the chance for 2015’s future graduates to display the projects they will be working on for the next year and a half.
Research Transfer Innovation
IRSEEM has welcomed a new device onto its Autonomous Navigation platform, representing a part of an offshore oil rig.
Corporate Relations
On 21 April, ESIGELEC will be organising a Work-Experience Exchange on the CISE premises.

Digischool and Exclusive RH have just published the rankings of the « 10 engineering schools that recruiters prefer ».

Last December, the undergraduate class Père Aupiais (CPPA) in Cotonou, Benin, celebrated the first graduate engineers from ESIGELEC and ESMT Dakar.
The school has just signed its first agreement enabling students to take a dual degree in China, in English, with Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU).
ESIGELEC hosted two Chinese seminars in February: the ESIGELEC Science Tour and the France Winter Tour 2015. In the programme: an introduction to the school and various visits all through these extremely rich stays.
Social Action
CESI, ESIGELEC, Esitpa, INSA de Rouen and ESITech, in partnership with the local education authority, ONISEP, the Regional Delegation of Women’s Rights and Equality, CESAR, the Chemins de la Citoyenneté and the Elles Bougent association, organised a conference/debate aiming to promote the engineering profession.
After taking part in the Entretiens de l’Excellence organised on 31 January by the Club du XXIème Siècle, the hundred or so secondary school students and student tutors from ESIGELEC’s two Cordées de la Réussite have been invited to the Cordées Concert on 15 April.
On Thursday 12 February the 3rd ”Networks and Careers for Women” Forum took place at the Paris-Ile de France Prefecture, organised by the Elles Bougent association.
A start-up co-founded by Mamadou NDIAYE (ESIGELEC class of 2010), iReservos has just been awarded the public prize at Normand’Innov, a business convention that took place on 29 January in Rouen.

Six graduates were featured in the media at the end of 2014.
For the first time, J2E (Junior Etude ESIGELEC), SIGELEC and ESIGELEC have come together to organise a memorable Graduates/Students evening, The Revolution Act V: Back to School !
Two ESIGELEC crews were among the 1200 crews in the 18th 4L Trophy from 19 February to 1 March.
>> 15 March : ESIG'AERO
>> 19 March : National Reservists’ Day
>> 30 March - 5 April : Industry Week
>> 2 April : Engineers’ Day
>> 11 April : Graduation Ceremony
>> 11 April : Gala
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