March 2015 - n°8
Crossing frontiers: 1st agreement for a dual degree in China

The school has just signed its first agreement permitting students to take a dual degree in China, in English, with Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU). This means there are now 14 international dual-degree programmes already on offer to ESIGELEC students in Europe, the United States and Canada.

With its strong international orientation for many years, ESIGELEC now has over 85 university partnerships in 40 countries.
China is the country where there are the most partners, and the school has set up a representative office in Shanghai and opened an ESIGELEC class in a secondary school.
Since 1988, ESIGELEC has set up close ties with China. Today the schools has 14 partnerships in China with prestigious universities.
These agreements have resulted in student exchanges for internships in laboratories, and in teachers being welcomed for bilingual English-French programmes.

The new partnership agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) will mean that from 2015/2016, ESIGELEC students will be able to do their third year of  engineering studies at BJTU, then an internship (in China, France or elsewhere) and to have a “Master in Software Engineering” from BJTU and an engineering degree from ESIGELEC.

Conversely, BJTU students will be able to take the ESIGELEC “Masters in Sciences and Technology” course and have both Master’s degrees (from ESIGELEC and BJTU).

120 Chinese students are welcomed during the 5-year Engineering Programme

ESIGELEC already welcomes Chinese students in our Engineering Programme, both after the Chinese baccalaureate (gaokao), or at a Master’s degree level.

After the baccalaureate, entrance exams have been set up in China, open to students from 20 partner secondary schools.

The school has also created an ESIGELEC class in Shanghai. It is a class for linguistic and scientific adaptation at the Guangming secondary school in Shanghai. It includes an intensive preparation in the French language and an introduction to French culture for Chinese students aged between 15 and 18, before they begin studying, after an entrance exam, at ESIGELEC or at one of our partner schools: NEOMA Business School and EIGSI school of engineers.

All of these activities were made possible by setting up a representative office in Shanghai.

At the Master’s degree level, two master’s dual-degree courses in English, aimed at Chinese higher education students, were also been set up in 2013 with two partner universities in Shanghai and Nanjing.

Today, ESIGELEC has 36% of overseas students in its Engineering Programme and Master’s Degree Programmes in English.

Contact : CÚcilia Brunel, Deputy Director of International Relations and Programmes, cecilia.brunel@esigelec.fr