March 2015 - n°8
9th “Engineer – why not you too?” Conference

CESI, ESIGELEC, Esitpa, INSA de Rouen and ESITech, in partnership with the local education authority, ONISEP, the Regional Delegation of Women’s Rights and Equality, CESAR, the Chemins de la Citoyenneté movement and the Elles Bougent association, organised a conference/debate aiming to promote the engineering profession.

The conference was organised as part of International Women’s Day, on 12 March, at INSA de Rouen. Almost 250 people took part.

The event opened in the presence of the head of the Academic Information and Orientation Service, of the Regional Delegate of Women’s Rights and Equality, and of the Regional Delegate of the Elles Bougent association.

Engineering students and graduates spoke about the diversity of their educational backgrounds and career paths, highlighting the accessibility and gender parity in these careers. The students also presented their scientific/technological projects.

ESIGELEC represented

During the event, presentations were made by a graduate from the class of 2013, Axelle Minzolini, who took part in the round table, and a third-year engineering student, Jean-Marie Lantonkpode, who carried out a demonstration of a drone.

Axelle Minzolini, who specialised in business engineering at the school, took her last year at Montreal Polytechnique as part of an exchange programme, then decided to complete her studies with a Master’s degree in management at HEC Montreal. Recently back in France, she is about to start work at EDF in Tours as a research engineer.

Jean-Marie Lantonkpode, whose specialises in embedded systems, made a demonstration of a drone, the programming of which he entirely designed, and which flew in a perimeter he had set out. The drone is piloted using Kinect technology.

Now in its 9th year, this conference/debate entitled “Engineer – why not you too?”, was addressed to secondary school students, headmasters, teachers, career advisors, and anyone else who is interested in these issues.

Site : www.conference-ingenieure-ingenieur.fr

Contact  : Annick Fouquet, Head of Social Access and Equal Opportunities, annick.fouquet@esigelec.fr