March 2015 - n°8
New path to admission: the Medicine to Engineer Bridge programme

Based on the fact that a growing number of first-year students are giving up medical studies and opting for the school’s two years of engineering foundation studies the following year, ESIGELEC decided to open a « Medicine to Engineer Bridge programme » in February 2015.
It is aimed at students in their first year of Medicine (PACES) who want to changes studies during the academic year, without the year being wasted.
This intensive course, from the end of February to July, is deliberately aimed at a limited number of students, who can make the most of a lower student-to-teacher ratio.
Based on the 1st year of the two years of engineering foundation studies, the Medicine Bridge programme will prepare them to begin the 2nd year of the two years of engineering foundation studies at ESIGELEC in September 2015, having reached the same level as the other students.

For Etienne Craye, ESIGELEC’s Managing Director, «Some very good students don’t feel at home with the " competitive exam spirit ". Beginning the two years of engineering foundation studies with the bridge programme means having a teaching team that is committed to help them succeed, group work and a spirit of mutual assistance between students. This bridge programme will help the good students bounce back towards the exciting professions at the heart of innovation in an international environment. Our engineering courses open up exciting horizons, at the heart of the major challenges of the tomorrow: medical systems engineering, on the one hand, but also energy, sustainable development, robotics, aircraft of the future, self-driving cars, financial engineering, etc. The general engineering degree from ESIGELEC is a real passport for employment, as is seen by the 96% of students from our last promotion who were in work six months after graduation ».

Programme and timetable  : http://www.esigelec.fr/fr/vous-etes-en-medecine-paces

Contact : Isabelle de Charnacé, Head of the two years of engineering foundation studies, isabelle.decharnace@esigelec.fr