March 2015 - n°8
3rd « Networks and Careers for Women » forum

On Thursday 12 February the 3rd ”Networks and Careers for Women” Forum took place at the Paris-Ile de France Prefecture, organised by the Elles Bougent association.

The Elles Bougent delegation from Normandy was represented by 18 women ambassadors from ESIGELEC, including two graduates. The school was also asked by the organising team to give an extremely welcome helping hand on the day. Marine, Amel and Ouardia, and for the first time, two male students, Elliott and Romain, volunteered with great pleasure !

For Emilie : “ The fact that HR managers were there was highly appreciable because they are people ‘on the ground’! To sum up, the forum was VERY constructive and helped me revise my CV as well as giving me a lot of very useful advice!! Thanks go to Elles Bougent and to all the sponsors and to ESIGELEC for enabling us to take part ! ”

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