March 2015 - n°8
Revolution Acte V : Back to School !

For the first time, J2E (Junior Etude ESIGELEC), SIGELEC and ESIGELEC have come together to organise a memorable Graduates/Students evening, The Revolution Act V : Back to School !

Graduates : meet up with your old classmates in a student atmosphere with lots of activities organised by the school’s different associations !

Students : come and meet up with graduates for a chat and energise your network !

The programme :

>> 4.30 p.m. – CISE Auditorium <<

As part of the Industry Week and in partnership with ALTRAN, the Economy, Industry and Digital Ministry and the MOV'EO competitive cluster, an exceptional presentation by Bruno Lescure (Class of 92, Public Affairs Director at Altran): Master Class “How to go from a dream to a success story”. A 100 % entrepreneurship conference not to be missed.

>> 5.30 – CISE Hall <<

For the graduates, ESIGELEC goes behind the scenes of the Embedded Systems Induction Campus! The guided visit of the laboratories and test platforms starts at 5.30 p.m.

>> 6.30 - CISE Hall <<

In a jazzy atmosphere created by Club Zik, come and chat around a buffet and a wine tasting* organised by the Oenological Club and Nicolas Windsor, an ESIGELEC graduate. 100 % networking atmosphere guaranteed !
The Antilles Freedom Club and ESIG'Afrik will delight your palates with their dessert specialities !

From 9 p.m., after a surprise, ESIG'Mix will take over and set the CISE alight for the rest of the evening !

>> Reservation <<

Don’t forget, the event is by reservation only !
Sales end on Friday 20 March.

> Graduates

Reservations are made on the Weezevent platform : http://www.weezevent.com/back-to-school 

>> Contact <<

For more information :
J2E : secretaire@j2e-esigelec.fr
SIGELEC : contact@sigelec.asso.fr

* Drink responsibly.