March 2015 - n°8
Cordées Concert

After taking part in the Entretiens de l’Excellence organised on 31 January by the Club du XXIème Siècle, the hundred or so secondary school students and student tutors from ESIGELEC’s two Cordées de la Réussite programmes have been invited to the Cordées Concert on 15 April.

This concert, financed by the Rouen Local Education Authority will take place at the Espace Moineau. It will be given by the Palais Royal Orchestra conducted by Jean-Philippe Sarcos.
To prepare for the event, the theme of which is “Passions of Handel” (opera arias and duos), a teaching pack will be provided for tutor students and academic advisors who will be able to introduce baroque music to the mentored students.

The concert will be in four parts with presentations made by the conductor on a wide range of themes such as “What is art and why is it necessary to mankind?”, “Why should we be playing music by a composer who lived over 250 years ago?” and “What is a conductor for?”. The violin, cello, harpsicords and theorboes, the oboe and bassoon will also be under the spotlight.

Between the different parts, the audience will be invited to comment and to ask the musicians questions.

The event will bring together students from 13 secondary schools (7 lycées and 6 collèges) in the Eure Seine Maritime départements, ESIGELEC’s partners in the Cordées de la Réussite, Prép’Avenir and Parcours Ingénieur-re Demain, but also students from other Cordées in the regional education authority.

On 12 May, the ESIGELEC’s CISE building will also welcome all the participants in the Cordée de la Réussite Parcours Ingénieur-re Demain for a one-day event to present its work. Each group, made up of secondary school and further education students, will present the results of their work carried out during the sessions of supervised practical work that have taken place throughout the year, before a jury made up of teachers, headmasters and students. A number of prizes will be awarded to the projects on scientific and technological themes (best presentation, aesthetic, originality, etc.).

Contact  : Annick Fouquet, Head of Social Access and Equal Opportunities, annick.fouquet@esigelec.fr