March 2015 - n°8
Our graduates in the media spotlight

December 2014
Vincent Marcatté has been re-elected for three years as president of the competitive cluster Images & Réseaux, specialised in the field of new digital content and its forms of exchange. Born in 1962, an ESIGELEC engineer (class of 1985) with an executive MBA from Essec, he is the director of partnerships and Open Innovation at Orange Labs. He is also a triathlete. At the same time he has been President of Images & Réseaux since 2008 and IRTB-com since 2012.

November 2014
Stéphane Séguin has been director of the E-business unit of the Fuel and Energies department at Total Marketing Services (Total MS) since April 2014. In parallel, he has become President and Managing Director of Fioulmarket.fr, within the E-business unit of Total’s CEN department. Stéphane Séguin, aged 40, a graduate of ESIGELEC Rouen (class of 1996), has had the following career :
2012-2014 : Total, e-business project manager in charge of the site Lenergietoutcompris.fr
2007-2012 : Total, regional sales director for petrol cards
2001-2007 : Total, IT project director
1997-2001 : Société Générale, began his career in the electronic banking unit as IT project manager.

October 2014
Christian Herrmann has been appointed director of the facilities management unit at SIGMA INFORMATIQUE
ESIGELEC (class of 1988), he has spent most of his career at IBM. Since 2004, he had been at Manitou as IT director, then as business unit director.

October 2014
Normandy innovation at the Salon de l’Automobile motor show
[…] the managing director of Mov’éo, a competitive cluster in research and development in automobiles based in Rouen keeps an eye out for innovative small and medium-sized firms that can offer technical solutions to car manufacturers […]. He wants to thank Fabrice Viot. This former ESIGELEC student (class of 2007), presents the EP tender, an electricity generator mounted on a small trailer, which significantly increases the autonomy of electric vehicles on long journeys. An innovation supported by Mov’éo. “The idea is eventually to create a network and give customers the chance to rent the generator”. A niche market that could well interest the owners of electric vehicles who want to use their cars over longer distances “three or four times a year”.

October 2014
Guillaume Lenoir
In charge of the implementation of strategic initiatives at Société Générale Securities Services in London, Guillaume Lenoir, aged 44, a graduate of ESIGELEC (class of 1994), with an MBA from IAE Paris I, worked at Accenture for ten years, where he was in charge of implementing programmes and strategic change management projects for investment banks and market infrastructures. He was deputy to the world director of change management in the finance teams sector at Deutsche Bank in London, before joining EuroCCP Ltd, where he stayed for six years. There he worked as the technical director and product and change management director.

October 2014
Frédéric Patalagoïtyis appointed president of Areva Japan.
Aged 57, an ESIGELEC graduate engineer (class of 1980) and welding engineer at Essa, he began his career in 1983 as a project engineer at Areva NG before joining Areva Japan as deputy president. Back in France in 1995, he joined the upstream sales management team as sales director for Asia, and then became downstream sales director for Japan in 1998. He was appointed upstream export sales manager in 2001, then managing director of Transnuclear Tokyo Ltd in 2003, and finally sales director for the logistics business unit in France in 2006. Since 2011, he had been president of Areva Korea Ltd.

Contact : sigelec@esigelec.fr