March 2015 - n°8

Two Chinese seminars discover ESIGELEC

ESIGELEC hosted two Chinese seminars in February: the ESIGELEC Science Tour and the France Winter Tour 2015. In the  programme: an introduction to the school and various visits all through these extremely rich stays.

The ESIGELEC Science Tour, which took place from 2 to 13 February, brought together some 13 students from the ESIGELEC 1st Linguistic and Scientific Adaptation (ALS) class from the Guangming secondary school in Shanghai. The seminar mainly consisted of language, science and management lessons. A visit to Rouen helped introduce the young students to the daily environment of ESIGELEC students, perhaps encouraging them to study there later on.

The 2nd seminar, entitled France Winter Tour 2015, meanwhile, brought together some forty students aged 15 and 16 from the ALS class at the Guangming secondary school in Shanghai from 2 to 11 February. More oriented towards the world of work and an introduction to French culture, history and science, the students spent a week in Upper Normandy and a few days at La Rochelle, at one of ESIGELEC’s partners, EIGSI. They also had the chance to visit NEOMA Business School in Mont-Saint-Aignan, an experience that was of even more interest since they will be able to attend a business school at the end of their secondary school studies.

These two seminars are part of the very close ties that ESIGELEC has set up with its partner in Shanghai. Once their secondary school studies are over, the students will have the chance to take part in entrance exams and be admitted to the higher education engineering programmes.

Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Director of International Relations and Programmes, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr