July 2015 - n°9
Ambition 2016
ESIGELEC is one of the top private community schools. Having passed the peremptory statement, you have to leave room for the demonstration.
Olivier MAURICE only joined ESIGELEC in early June 2015, as Director of Research and Development at ESIGELEC and Director of its Research Laboratory, IRSEEM (Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute).
A partnership agreement has just been signed with the Pablo Neruda Secondary School in Dieppe and the Dieppe industrial cluster Méca Energies which unites nearly 125 businesses in the region.
Five students including two from ESIGELEC (Louis Adrien PHILIAS and Pierre COUDERC, Project Leader) who participated in the 'Entrepreneuriales' of Haute-Normandie won the "Parcours Entreprendre" prize last May.
Research Transfer Innovation
On 9 April, the VEDECOM (CARBON-FREE, COMMUNICATING VEHICLE AND ITS MOBILITY) institute celebrated its first birthday at Versailles Town Hall.
ESIGELEC IRSEEM closed the three projects funded in the framework of the European INTERREG programme, of which it was the leader.
A team of students from ESIGELEC came 10th in the "Mission on Mars 2015" Challenge organised by MathWorks. Selected from 12 teams during the qualifying round, they took part in the final, which was held in Lyon from 1 to 3 July 2015.
Corporate Relations
On Saturday, 11 April 2015, the ESIGELEC graduation ceremony was held for the 2014 graduating class sponsored by EDF.
In the framework of the JNR 2015, National Reservist Day, active military personnel from the Army, Navy and the National Gendarmerie, came to meet students on Thursday 19 March to introduce them to the military reserve.

ESIGELEC has established new partnerships with foreign universities, involving students, teachers and researchers.
ESIGELEC organised an American seminar for the thirrd consecutive year on the nuclear fuel cycle in France.
Social Action
The assessment of the 2015 year of two 'Cordées de la Réussite' (Roped Together for Success) programmes headed by ESIGELEC, is still exciting this year. These two cordées, Prép’Avenir for the Seine Maritime and Parcours Ingénieur-e Demain for the Eure unite 7 high schools and 6 colleges, the Ariane Vernon college joined the PID cordée last September.

Six graduates were mentioned in the media early in 2015.
On 27 March, ESIGELEC hosted the " Revolution act V Back to School ! " event, in association with SIGELEC and J2E (Junior Study ESIGELEC) which was attended by nearly hundred participants.
The ESIG'Aero club continued to innovate this year by proposing that its members, in addition to offering first flights in microlight planes, helicopters and parachutes, pass the BIA (Aeronautic Initiation Certificate).
ESIGELEC, in partnership with the ESIG'GREEN student association, organised a photo competition from 20 to April 24 2015 and an exhibition of the 10 best on the theme of "animals".
>> 17 september : Apprenticeship Fair
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>> 12 november : Forum Normand
>> 7 september : 1st year CPII return
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>> 14 september : Eng Prog 1st year return
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>> 28 september : Eng Prog 3rd year return
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