July 2013 - n°5
Graduates' careers

Find out in this edition about the careers of Emmanuel Mabille, Deputy Head of Department, and David Crombez, class of 2007.

Emmanuel MABILLE, Class of 2004, major in Embedded Systems Engineering

“A graduate of ESIGELEC (class of 2004), I did a Master’s of Advanced Studies at the IAE (Institute of Business Administration) in Rouen at the same time as my third year.

After an end-of-study work placement with Eurocopter (renovation of a production line), I joined the EDF Group in December 2004 in the Engineering Centre Park in Nuclear Operations in Marseille.

This first job in a development department enabled me to gain an understanding of the nuclear industry and develop my technical knowledge on the functioning of a nuclear power station. The team I belonged to was responsible for the technical and software developments for all the industrial IT in the nuclear sites in France.

After this initial experience, I wanted to join a site production team where I was able to experience managing a team of 12 people. This team was responsible for performing mechanical modifications at the Tricastin nuclear power station (Drôme).

The post of Deputy Head of Department which I currently occupy at the Paluel Power Plant enables me to broaden my field of expertise even further to careers such as civil engineering or requalification testing as work coordinator for the whole Department.”

David CROMBEZ, Class of 2007, major in Automation and Industrial Robotics

“I began my studies with an electrotechnical Bac in Industrial Sciences and Technology, followed by a BTS in Industrial Mechanics and Automatic Control. Once I’d finished my BTS, and being able to go further, I wanted to continue my studies at the ESIGELEC. To go on even further, I started a Research Master’s in Information Systems and Computer Engineering where I extended my knowledge in the fields of automation, signal processing, pattern recognition, etc. I did my end-of-study work placement, research-oriented, with Clemessy at Bihorel (76). The subject of this research work placement proposed by the IRSEEM Automation and Systems centre was “Fault diagnosis based on vibration analysis: Application to gearboxes”, which would become my dissertation topic. I therefore continued my studies with a CIFRE thesis at the IRSEEM laboratory in the Automation and Systems centre. The manufacturer had a clear objective: to create a competitive edge by offering a test bed with more embedded intelligence. And the ultimate aim was to sell the test beds abroad.

4 months before defending my thesis in May 2011, Dynae, a subsidiary of the Clemessy group which was involved in my thesis topic as technical support, offered me a job as a business engineer in Bordeaux with a triple objective: to work part-time on a R&D wind project financed by ADEME (French Environment and Energy management Agency) in partnership with Compagnie du Vent, subsidiary of GDF-SUEZ; to continue to develop the CYVIB software for Clemessy which I had developed during my thesis and to grow business in the great south-western region (Main areas of economic activity: Paper-making, hydroelectricity).

I worked for a year and a half in the south-west and then I got married and decided to take six months’ unpaid leave on a Road Trip round Australia, which Dynae allowed me to do.

I got back two months ago still with Dynae, but with new objectives and a new technical-sales position with objectives of developing the business in Normandy, helping grow the business of the agency in Paris and developing our expertise by working with local laboratories (research Master’s, …)
In 6 months’ time, I will be staying in Normandy to put up an aerial which will very likely be situated in Bihorel.”

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