February 2013 - n°4
IRSEEM works on container traceability in Le Havre port

As a member of the Grand Réseau de Recherche - Transport Logistique et Technologie de l'Information (Greater Network for Research - Transport, Logistics and Information Technology), IRSEEM, the Research Institute of ESIGELEC, is currently taking part in the Port Transit of Containers project co-financed by the Upper Normandy Region and FEDER, in partnership with Le Havre University, CRITT T&L and IDIT in particular. The project aims to increase the competitiveness of the Rouen - Le Havre port complex, the biggest in France and the 4th biggest in Europe, and to guarantee its growth as a major international platform.

The Port Transit of Containers project aims to enable its members to carry out research and acquire knowledge about container monitoring, interconnection of information systems, productivity, security and safety, as well as port-road, port-rail and port-river intermodality. Intermodality represents the possible connections between the various urban, regional, national and international transport networks.

The fields of research consist of 4 main areas:
  • new models for organisation and goods transport,
  • terminal management,
  • port development in Upper Normandy, in connection with territorial development in Basse-Seine and traceability,
  • risk management in distributed systems. The IRSEEM’s Instrumentation, IT and Systems Cluster is working in the 4th area.

Contact : Adnane Cabani, Project Manager, adnane.cabani@esigelec.fr