June 2016 - n°12
Siatech, a made-in-ESIGELEC success story

A group of three entrepreneurs from ESIGELEC have the world at their fingertips. Nicolas Klis, Frédéric Hamain and Nicolas Iriart have created a universal remote control that fits on the user’s hand. This little device allows you to control an overhead crane using a strap worn around your wrist and a ring on your finger.

The project was initiated during the "Le Tremplin des Génies" (The springboard of engineering geniuses) competition organised by ESIGELEC for its 1st year students. Frédéric Hamain, head of the "Télécom’Hand" project, and his team won the challenge by inventing a remote-control glove capable of controlling the volume on an MP3 player remotely.

Four years later, they have taken several steps forward, from developing the prototype for industrial use, to eventually creating their start-up, Siatech. The first complete application for the invention concerns overhead cranes in warehouses. But they are already designing numerous other applications, including in the medical field.

Fostered by the regional innovation agency, Seinari, and hosted by ESIGELEC, the young engineers are currently seeking finance to develop their business: "We need a total of €500k and are opening up £150k of our capital to private investors", explains Nicolas Klis, financial director of Siatech. "We are currently in discussions with several of them, but nothing has been finalised yet!"

Siatech has already patented their invention and commercialisation is planned for the end of the year. But for these three ESIGELEC graduates, the adventure has only just begun…

Contact : Thomas EUDES, Technology Resource Centre Manager, thomas.eudes@esigelec.fr