June 2016 - n°12
All go for the green plan

The Directorate-General of ESIGELEC has decided to make sustainable development a component of the institution's strategy in its own right. It 2015 it appointed a manager for Sustainable Development, Christophe Kandas, who is also a lecturer-researcher. This was followed by the establishment of a Sustainable Development Committee made up of staff, lecturers, researchers and students.

The university's commitment is expressed through its missions in terms of social, economic and environmental responsibility. These responsibilities have been reaffirmed and are based on the shared objectives of the Green Plan frames of references, the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles), CPU (Conférence des Présidents d’Université) and the international standard ISO 26000.

Among the first actions selected by the Sustainable Development Committee, is the setting up of  two working groups: electric consumption monitoring and energy efficiency (especially management of the computing systems) and a waste management policy. An initial consumption reading for the electrical equipment during practical classroom work was carried out with the ELP103 and Chauvin Arnoux CA 8235 data loggers, followed by an analysis of the results.

A second action, to raise the awareness of staff and students concerning eco-friendly initiatives, was conducted recently, in particular through posters in tutorials and practical classroom work regarding "good practice", to switch off all the equipment at the end of the session.

In addition, ESIGELEC hosted the "Reduce IT workshops” organised by ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie, Agency for the Environment and Mastering Energy) on 30 March, with the subject: measures, analysis and your computer equipment's electric consumption. These workshops brought together Sustainable Development-specialist members of  CESAR (Conférence des établissements d’Enseignement Supérieur de l’Agglomération Rouennaise, Conference of higher-education establishments from Greater Rouen).

On 17 May 2016, it was the turn of the Métropole Rouen Normandie, on the initiative of ARTEMAD (Madrillet Technopole’s Residents Association), to present ESIGELEC with the "Plan de Déplacement Inter Entreprises" (Inter-company mobility plan) in the areas of Madrillet, the Madrillet Technopole, the Vente Olivier and the Zénith business park.

The objective of all of these actions is to support ESIGELEC's initiative to develop a Green Plan or Agenda 21.

Contact : Christophe Kandas, Head of Sustainable Development, christophe.kandas@esigelec.fr