July 2013 - n°5
Sixth Formers welcomed to “Industry Day”

On 19th March, the ESIGELEC welcomed Sixth Formers to an “Industry Day”, co-organised with the Rouen/Dieppe UIMM (French Metallurgy Industry and Trade Federation) as part of Industry Week.

“Industry Days” aim to encourage young Sixth Form girls to specialise in careers in Industry and the scientific disciplines by removing cultural barriers and accepted ideas and prejudices about a sphere “reserved for boys”.

Eight pupils from the Lycée Blaise Pascal (Rouen) were welcomed to the ESIGELEC on 19th March by the Head of Education and Work Placements, followed by a talk from Charlène Martin, Careers Communication Officer at the Rouen/Dieppe UIMM, and the screening of the films “Industridimension” and “C'est moi qui l'ai fait” (I did that).

Afterwards, the pupils were divided into 3 groups with students from the ESIGELEC to work on a special “industry” MCQ, and then toured the school.

In the afternoon, they went to the Flexi France site, at Le Trait, for a presentation of the company, a tour and talks with several site employees. Flexi France, part of the Technip group, designs and manufactures flexible pipes which connect the seabed to oil or gas platforms.

The result was more than positive as every single girl said they had enjoyed the day and nearly 65% of them spoke of continuing their education to become an engineer. Extract from letter to the Rouen/Dieppe UIMM No.52.

Contact : Annick Fouquet, Head of Social Access and Equal Opportunities, annick.fouquet@esigelec.fr