July 2013 - n°5
Roro-Max, a collaborative project with the Grand Port Maritime of Le Havre

The IRSEEM, the Research Institute of the ESIGELEC engineering school, organised a half-day on the RORO-MAX Project on 23rd May in the CISE building (Embedded Systems Integration Campus). Around twenty partners came together for an update on the progress of the work and to attend demonstrations by the teams from the IRSEEM and Le Havre University.

The RORO-MAX project, which was launched in January 2011, aims to increase the competitiveness and the traffic development of the roll-on/roll-off terminal at the Grand Port Maritime of Le Havre. It is structured around 4 areas of research: the improvement of physical processes at the terminal, the optimisation of information flow, new value-added services and ongoing improvement.

The afternoon of 23rd May was an opportunity to give all the project partners the results of the work carried out by the IRSEEM on vehicle traceability in the Automobile Supply Chain and by Le Havre University on Smartphone applications. For their part, the manufacturers shared their experiences with RFID applications so that the port players could gain a better understanding of this technology’s application possibilities.

The demonstrations simulated the “life” of a vehicle at the terminal, from its entry and detection in the terminal’s key areas up to its loading onto the ship. A traffic light system provided a visual rendering of the vehicle’s status. The colours of the lights stood for no VIN decoder – Vehicle Identification Number - (red light), VIN decoder and information transfer to current RFID label (orange light) and writing of the VIN in the RFID tag (green light).

The half-day ended with an assessment of the demonstration, feedback on the 3 RFID application projects and a tour of the CISE facilities.


Contact : Nicolas Ragot, Teacher-researcher, nicolas.ragot@esigelec.fr