July 2013 - n°5
Initiatives launched by SIGELEC

SIGELEC, the Association of ESIGELEC graduates, has set up some initiatives for students and graduates of the school.

Initiatives for students

On 30th April 2013, Thierry Davignon, President of SIGELEC, introduced students to the association’s role and activities. He especially highlighted the fact that the Former Student association offers students the chance to take advantage of help and personalised assistance in their everyday lives, such as advice, discussions and support when they look for work placements.

A new service has also come into being: Graduate Mentoring! SIGELEC is offering students connections with a male or female mentor for discussions about professional topics or valuable advice on the decisions they have to make and their work placement research throughout their entire course. This is a real opportunity for students to gradually make contact with experienced graduates and thereby build up their own network for the future.

A call has been launched to graduates for male and female mentors.

Initiatives for Graduates

SIGELEC has this year decided to structure its services according to the various needs of the three member categories: “Students and young graduates”, “Experienced members” and “Former graduates at the end of their career”.

Consequently, the Graduate Association has developed a personalised method of assistance in the form of mentoring, also for the attention of young graduates. An experienced male or female mentor will be identified for each young person and will be available to share valuable advice in the professional domain. The mentors will use their network to help the youngsters advance in their career development.
Also, the association still makes available the job offers it receives on a daily basis.

As regards the experienced members, SIGELEC will arrange meetings, themed get-togethers and career-cafés so that they can expand their network of contacts and identify new professional opportunities for developments or hiring young graduates.

Today, the network is one of the key channels since it is estimated that 2 out of every 3 opportunities come from the network.

The association’s magazine will also include the projects, developments and professional advertisements of these graduates.

Finally, for the Former graduates at the end of their career, SIGELEC has planned to organise outings to do with the School: tours, dinners and class reunions.

Redesigning of the website

SIGELEC has carried out some redesigning over the last few months. The website is now more comprehensive and ergonomic and graphic changes have been made to make it easier to understand.

SIGELEC wishes to strengthen the spirit of the network and make it more effective for its graduates, but cannot function without the support of its former graduates!

To subscribe and for further information, please contact Christine Baranzelli, contact@sigelec.asso.fr 02 32 91 58 58  (office B2-301).

Website : www.sigelec.asso.fr