July 2013 - n°5
Graduation ceremony: an accolade

On Saturday 23rd March 2013, the ESIGELEC team paid tribute to the academic success of the 265 2012 graduates at their graduation ceremony.

Graduates and their families from the Normandy region of course, but also those from all over mainland France and its overseas territories, and Africa, China and India, were welcomed by Didier Pézier, Chairman of the Board at the ESIGELEC: “Today, ladies and gentlemen, engineers, armed with your degree, this precious passport to employment, you are going to keep developing throughout your career bringing your expertise, your sense of responsibility and your creativity to everyone you work with. You will be an engineer and a citizen, a player in tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow. You will also expand the ESIGELEC community, becoming new links in our great network. By staying in touch and supporting each other, we shall increase our collective force in action.”

A ceremony sponsored by SPIE

Having already signed a partnership agreement with the ESIGELEC in December 2012, Patrick Lassalle, Human Resources Development Manager at SPIE Île-de-France North-West, sponsored the graduation ceremony.

SPIE would like to punctuate the year with get-togethers for students and graduates at events which will also involve the participation of the Student/Business Forum Normand in November, Business Thursdays and the offer of tours around the Group’s major projects. Thomas Durand, Business Manager at SPIE, class of 2009, was also associated with the sponsorship of the ceremony, which had a magnificent ending with everyone throwing their mortar boards in the air!


Contact : Sandra Saas, Head of Communication and Student Relations, sandra.saas@esigelec.fr

Extracts from 2013 Graduation Ceremony by ESIGELEC-IRSEEM
Filming and editing by Vincent Chevallier