July 2013 - n°5
ESIGELEC tours China

Cyril Marteaux, Head of International Relations and Programmes, toured China during May, where he promoted the ESIGELEC, held selection tests in secondary school sixth forms and considered new opportunities for cooperation with our partners.

He firstly went to the Guangming School in Shanghai to meet the 30 students in the ESIGELEC class for linguistic and scientific customisation, who had already been welcomed to the ESIGELEC last January. He in fact took part in selecting the 2nd year of the ESIGELEC class, quite a strict selection process since there are only 30 places for 200 candidates.

Cyril Marteaux also went to other partner schools in Wuhan, Xiamen and Guangzhou to make pupils aware of the opportunities the ESIGELEC has to offer. He took the opportunity of meeting local institutions to keep them up-to-date with the latest from the school. It was also a chance to meet with the South China University of Technology (SCUT), with which the ESIGELEC may sign a partnership, to think about developing this cooperation: a joint Master’s degree in English for the school’s students.

The tour lasted for about ten days and proved to be really positive in Cyril Marteaux’s eyes: “I met partners who were really enthusiastic about continuing and developing their cooperation with the school. What interests them about the ESIGELEC is, amongst other things, the close ties that the school has with companies.”


Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Head of International Relations and Programmes, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr