July 2013 - n°5
ESIGELEC Normandy Tour

The ESIGELEC played host to a group of 9 Chinese Sixth Formers from 15th to 24th July 2013 as part of the ESIGELEC Normandy Tour. The young people, aged between 15 and 18 years old, came from the 21 High School in Beijing and the Qibao High School in Shanghai. They explored France, Upper Normandy and the ESIGELEC during this seminar which combined business tours, tourist outings and beginner French lessons.

The group went to Rouen, Paris, Etretat and to the Mont-Saint-Michel, as well as the Renault Cléon site and the EDF thermal power station in Le Havre. The programme also included 2 sessions of French Foreign Language lessons, a chance for them to immerse themselves a little more into the country’s culture.

The objective of this seminar was to enable the Chinese youngsters to discover France, and also welcome them in to the ESIGELEC to offer them new higher education opportunities. In particular, they will be able to take part in future selection tests organised by the ESIGELEC in China, to join the ESIGELEC Engineering School programme after a language and cultural adaptation course in Rouen.


Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Head of International Relations and Programmes, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr