February 2013 - n°4
WINSTRAT 2013: a team from ESIGELEC in the finals

A business game for grandes écoles

WINSTRAT is a business game which is played in teams of 4. Each group has to make a series of decisions every week. Each of the 10 pools contains 7 to 9 groups. The first 3 groups of each pool play in the final. The ESIGELEC team came 2nd in its pool at the end of the knock-out stage.

In this stage, where the teams had to turn around a French automotive group, 28 teams were selected for the final, where some fifteen schools were represented: ESIGELEC, Ecole des Mines d’Ales, Centrale Nantes, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Marseille, Imerir, ENSTA Bretagne, Polytech Paris Sud, Polytech Grenoble, Polytech Lille, ISA, ISEN Lille, ECE, Ingénieurs 2000, IPI, ESIEE. Winning over emerging markets and technological innovations were among the weapons they had to use to defeat their rivals.

The final took place on 4 February in Paris, on the theme of TV screens.

“We were divided into 3 continents: Asia, Europe and the USA. We had to take over a business selling plasma, 3D and touch screens, and had to sell the most units. We could act on the sale price, advertising, the standard of finish, research and environmental impact, but also on our borrowing and capital increase. We got the Asian market in the draw, and competition was fierce. We had to make 1 decision every hour, with large amounts of data to process (studying the competition, sales forecasts, market developments, etc.). This competition helped us to familiarise ourselves with business strategy issues and put us under real-life conditions, including cost and stock management, schedules, teamwork and stressful conditions. It was a very rewarding experience and we were satisfied to come 7th in the 2013 Winstrat challenge. We hope that other ESIGELEC students will take over from us and do better. We wish to thank ESIGELEC, Ms Bouzbouz and Mr Varlet for their support and advice”.

The WINSTRAT ESIGELEC 2013 team: Dimitri Paimparay, Nicolas Klis and Gabriel Muller, pupils in the 2nd year of the Engineering Cycle.

Further information: http://www.winstrat.net/
Contact: com@esigelec.fr