February 2013 - n°4
Visit by students from the ESIGELEC class of Guangming High School in Shanghai

From 21 to 31 January, 30 Chinese high school students from the ESIGELEC class in Shanghai, accompanied by their headteacher, form teacher and a French teacher, visited ESIGELEC in Rouen. This seminar was financed by the pupils with the aim of learning more about the school, and consisted of lessons in Mathematics, Physics, French, practical work in automation and electronics, and cultural and industrial tours.

This seminar was part of a new cooperation agreement relating to the opening of a new ESIGELEC class in the fifth, sixth and final years at Guangming High School in Shanghai. As well as the standard Chinese programme, the students in this class also take intensive French classes, from the fifth year onwards, to enable them to join the ESIGELEC’S engineering programme in 5 years’ time under the best possible conditions. Mathematics, physics and French teachers from ESIGELEC will also occasionally be sent to work in Shanghai in the future.

The opening ceremony last October, attended by several players from the Chinese and French education systems, as well as business partners such as PSA and AIRCELLE, was described as a “historic moment” by the chine-information.com website, highlighting the fact that this was “a unique cooperation project”.

This new ESIGELEC in China therefore completes the school’s extensive network in Asia, which includes an ESIGELEC Office in Shanghai, and over 15 collaborations with Chinese universities and around 20 partner high schools.

Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Director of International Relations and Programmes, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr