February 2013 - n°4
The 16th annual 4L Trophy is now under way!

Six crews comprising at least one ESIGELEC student are taking part in the latest instalment of the biggest student trek in Europe.

What is the 4L Trophy?
The Raid 4L Trophy is a 6000 kilometre 4L race that takes place on the roads and tracks of France, Spain and Morocco. The aim of this trek is to complete each stage of the race in as few kilometres as possible, on board the legendary 4L: it’s not a speed race but an orienteering race. The aim to also to display solidarity towards the local populations, since the teams pack equipment and school supplies for Morocco’s poorest children on board their 4L.

This trek is just for students, who have to form teams of two people.
There are two departure points depending on the student’s town of origin: Poitiers or Saint-Jean-de-Luz. There are two departure days on 13 and 14 February, during which a mandatory vehicle inspection and check of the equipment are performed. Students must arrive in Algeciras between Friday and Saturday, before taking a boat to Morocco on Sunday 17 February. After completing part of the race in South Morocco, they reach the finish line in Marrakesh on Friday 22 February.

Official competition website: http://www.4ltrophy.com/?gotosite=1

To follow the competition live: http://edition2013.4ltrophy.com/#/