February 2013 - n°4
Télécom Business School and ESIGELEC create an “engineer-manager” double degree

By creating this new curriculum, the two schools are positioning themselves as leaders in the field of engineer-manager training, offering skills profiles which are increasingly sought after by businesses.

A 4-year course to obtain the 2 diplomas of engineer and manager
This course, which begins in September 2013, is aimed at engineering students at ESIGELEC. Students who have passed their first two years at the Engineering School go on to study for two years on the Grande Ecole programme at Télécom Business School. At the end of this four-year course, students will obtain the “ESIGELEC Engineer” diploma and the “Higher management studies at Télécom Business School” diploma, earning them the grade of Master..

Télécom Business School: the business school that whispers in the ear of engineers
By signing this new agreement with ESIGELEC, Télécom Business School has created its 7th double diploma, “engineer-manager” at the engineering schools of Institut-Mines Télécom.
According to Michel Berne, Director of Training at Télécom Business School, “Our business school understands the engineering world, in particular computer and network engineers. We are part of Institut Mines-Télécom, within which we build multiple partnerships between management and technologies. Since we were founded in 1979, we have shared a campus with Télécom SudParis, our engineering twin. Today, this gives us unique expertise to put together these high-performance “engineer-manager” double diplomas. These skills profiles are increasingly sought after by businesses”. By 2015, Télécom Business School plans to provide management training to around a hundred engineering students per year.

ESIGELEC: a naturally closer relationship with the Institut Mines-Télécom business school
The “engineer-manager” double diploma with Télécom Business School is the 3rd course of this kind offered by ESIGELEC, a school for generalist engineers in Rouen.
Eric Durieux, Managing Director of ESIGELEC: “This partnership follows on from our recent association with Institut Mines-Télécom, whereby ESIGELEC became one of its 10 associate schools. It gives our students the option to benefit from a new, high-quality “engineer-manager” double curriculum, on a par with those already set up by other business schools. This course is very attractive for our students, especially those who are looking to manage major international projects in the future”.

Contact : Delphine Leclercq-Delapierre, Head of the Department of Humanities, Languages and Management,