February 2013 - n°4
Faurecia, Supélec and ESIGELEC create a Teaching and Research Chair in “Automotive Mechatronics”

Faurecia, the 6th biggest automotive parts manufacturer in the world, Supélec and ESIGELEC have just signed a five-year partnership agreement to create a Chair in the field of automotive mechatronics.
This Chair, a tool for research, teaching and knowledge dissemination, aims to be a centre of expertise, training engineers and researchers in designing solutions for automotive electronics. Its work will relate to breakthrough innovations in the areas of design, simulation, architecture and complex systems development, in particular in the area of Faurecia’s technical products and solutions.

With this partnership with Supélec and ESIGELEC, Faurecia wishes to develop strong synergies between its industrial R&D and academic research, and to benefit from special access to advances in the fields of electronics and mechatronics, in particular embedded systems design.

Faurecia’s various activities will be closely associated with the activities of the Chair, which will focus on the four business areas of the Group. It will help Supélec and ESIGELEC enhance their offer, in particular through student projects during their engineering cycle. The three partners also show a willingness to establish themselves as a centre of expertise in the field of applied electronics in the automotive sector, and build up a reputation in the international scientific community in a short space of time.

“The launch of this teaching and research chair with Supélec and ESIGELEC is in line with the cooperation strategy which Faurecia has been actively pursuing for the last two years with the most renowned engineering schools and research institutes. The introduction of new functions and the increasing decentralisation of electronics towards vehicle sub-systems are an opportunity for Faurecia to deliver more intelligent systems, while creating more value,” explains Christophe AUFRERE, Director of Technological Strategy at Faurecia.

“This design-oriented approach,” points out Alain BRAVO, Managing Director of Supélec, “is one of the factors that bring several of Supélec’s research teams together, in particular through the E3S team (Supélec System Sciences)” and the teams at ESIGELEC and its Research Institute IRSEEM, through its Embedded Systems Integration Campus (CISE), which has the means to conduct tests that will provide a bridge between the design and experimentation phases.

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