February 2013 - n°4
Engineering Project winners

As part of the Engineering Projects, students presented their posters to illustrate their project on Thursday 31 January. The Engineering Project consists of managing a project, taking into account all the technological, organisational, financial and human dimensions. It is carried out in teams of 6 students and covers the 2nd and 3rd year of the engineering cycle.
The projects are mainly suggested by businesses. They may be linked to research projects, or students may take the initiative in the case of business start-ups.

Each team has the following mission:
  • research the subject by talking to businesses or research and development organisations
  • carry out a technical-economical feasibility study, validated by the ordering party
  • draw up a list of specifications
  • complete the project
  • publically display the result of their work
Each group is monitored by a supervisory partner and an instructor. They may have the option to consult advanced experts on more specific aspects of the project.
On 31 January, on top of their official viva, students presented their projects to the public throughout the day, accompanied by a poster.
Businesses on the jury, staff and teacher-researchers at ESIGELEC and its Research Institute Irseem, and doctoral students were invited to vote on the 7 best projects:

Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Award: Ping no. 4 "NFC application for android". Commissioning company: TAGSYS
Department of Embedded Systems and Instrumentation Award: Ping no. 9 "Design and build an electronic analogue / MIDI / USB interface". Commissioning association: "La grande fabrique" music production studio
Department of Information and Communication Technologies Award: Ping no. 10 "Web application to optimise project costing". Project in connection with a business, confidential  
Department of Electrical Engineering and Energies Award: Ping no. 8 "Creation of a self-test program and test bench diagnosis”. Project in connection with a business, confidential  
Innovation Award: Ping no. 56 "Upgradeable, universal ecological bracelet”. Design project, confidential  
Sustainable Development Award: Ping no. 38 "Design an eco cluster model for waste conversion activities". Project in connection with a business, confidential  
Public Award: Ping no. 2 "HCI Autonomous Robot". Business: GEEM

Contact : projet_ingenieur@esigelec.fr