February 2013 - n°4
ESIG’étais Ingénieur(e) ?

Are you in terminale S or STI2D? At a time when you might be hesitating over your next step, ESIGELEC invites you to come and spend 2 days at the school, during the February - March holidays.

ESIGELEC will welcome you on Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March, or Thursday 7 and Friday 8 March 2013, depending on the area where you live.

This is a chance to find out what people do in IT, robotics, biomedical engineering, energy, sustainable development or even business engineering and finance engineering. You can meet teachers and students, and get a feel for the “spirit” of the school.

The lessons and lunch are free on both days.

Places are limited, so don’t delay, register today!

All information and pre-enrolment online at www.esigetais.fr

Contact : com@esigelec.fr

Tél. : 02 32 91 58 58