February 2013 - n°4
ESIGELEC and ERDF Normandy sign a school-business partnership agreement

Eric DURIEUX, Managing Director of ESIGELEC engineering school, and Marie-Line BASSETTE, Regional Director of ERDF in Normandy, signed a school-business partnership agreement on Friday 9 November 2012.

A collaboration with a target school
This partnership agreement was signed at ESIGELEC’s offices, in the presence of 3 executives from ERDF Normandy, who are all ESIGELEC graduates. They gave personal accounts of joining the world of work and their career within the Group: Stéphane BARRE, Deputy Regional Director, Network Delegate (ESIGELEC graduate, class of 1995), Alexandre LE CORRE, Manager of the Central Office for Operations in Eure, Deputy Agency Manager (class of 2006), and Tony TRANEL, a young recruit who is being trained to take charge of the Madrillet Network Intervention Group (class of 2011).

ERDF in Normandy and ESIGELEC plan to undertake shared, concerted action campaigns with a view to promoting new skills, improving student training and further tailoring their courses to the needs of business.

ERDF also aims to make it easier to recruit staff with skills profiles that meet its needs, improve its presence and image among students, who may eventually become future employees, clients or suppliers, and generally become more competitive.

Training at the heart of the partnership
Following on from their existing joint action campaigns, and with a view to making a significant contribution, this partnership between ERDF and ESIGELEC will make it possible for them to:
  • Form closer ties with the teaching staff through contributions from representatives of the ERDF company, within their fields of competence, for example in the form of conferences (Smart Grids, Linky Meters...)
  • Take part in the majors Steering Committee, in particular for the “Business Engineer” major
  • Prepare students to join the world of work
  • Make it easier to recruit young graduates, apprentices and interns within the ERDF company and its subsidiaries
  • Inform ERDF employees about continuing education options at ESIGELEC

A year full of concrete action campaigns
ERDF encourages students and graduates to attend special meetings throughout the year, with a series of events put on by ESIGELEC: its participation in the Norman Forum for Students and Businesses on 15 November 2012, and attendance at Business Thursdays (interview simulations) and correspondents’ day (career presentations from School graduates) will help to raise its profile at the school.
The business will also offer vacancies at the Apprenticeship Exchange, in accordance with its needs for apprenticeships or career development contracts.

Innovations Gallery

The partnership’s 1st act took concrete form on Tuesday 29 January: the Embedded Systems Integration Campus (CISE) at ESIGELEC IRSEEM hosted ERDF Normandy’s Innovations Gallery in its innovation transfer area.
3 clusters were open to visitors:
- “Innovators”, which brought together innovators from ERDF as well as national partners from Hand’innov
- “Smart-grids”, with a demonstration of the Linky communicating meter and an appearance by a smart-grids expert from ERDF, who spoke at 6 conferences during the day
- “ACR” Regional Management Agency
An exhibition on “Careers for women at ERDF”, and a demonstration of an electric vehicle rounded off the exhibition.

Over 200 school students from Upper and Lower Normandy attended the event, and were given information about ERDF’s 2013 recruitment campaign in Normandy by Human Resources managers

About ERDF
ERDF - Électricité Réseau Distribution France was founded on 1 January 2008. A 100% owned subsidiary of the EDF group, ERDF manages the electricity distribution networks for 95% of the territory of mainland France. The business, which employs 36 000 people, is responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of 1 265 500 km of power lines, serving 33 million customers. It carries out numerous operations on this network, such as connections, commissioning, repairs and changes of supplier. ERDF Normandy has 41 sites. Its 1750 employees in Normandy are responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of around 91 000 kilometres of power lines, serving 1.9 million customers.
ERDF Normandy invested 120 million Euros in 2011.


Contact : Clément PREVOST, Director of Corporate Relations and Apprenticeships , clement.prevost@esigelec.fr