February 2013 - n°4
Company of the month
At the start of the 2012 academic year, the Director of Corporate Relations and Apprenticeships at ESIGELEC introduced “Business of the Month”, a scheme aimed at shining a spotlight on one of the school’s business partners and thereby communicating and providing information to students.

A special section has been created on the school’s website at http://www.esigelec.fr/Relations-Ecole-Entreprises/L-Entreprise-du-mois, providing a general introduction to the business or group, its activities and careers. This is accompanied by testimonials from ESIGELEC graduates who are already employed by the business in question. This is also a chance for the school’s partners to promote their activities, advertise their vacancies (jobs, internships, apprenticeships...) and communicate about ESIGELEC skills profiles which interest them.

The following have already been featured:
This month, the Business of the Month is CLEMESSY:
CLEMESSY is a designer and integrator of solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, process automation and mechanised systems.

CLEMESSY, a subsidiary of Eiffage, can count on 4 900 employees, a turnover of 618 million Euros and the power of a local network with over 100 offices in France.

We offer all the skills and know-how required to support our clients with their innovations in electrical engineering, automation and mechanised systems, from audits to design, integration to production, and from start-up to maintenance.

We have special expertise in many business sectors such as the automotive, aeronautical and spatial industries, energy, environment, transport infrastructures, paper, nuclear and the service sector.
We are looking to employ professionals in the fields of electrotechnology, automation, industrial IT, mechanics and maintenance, for the following careers at our offices in France and abroad: project manager, projectors, design engineers, business managers and construction site supervisors.
We recruit new staff with the aim of updating our skills in all our business areas, as well as acquiring new skills linked to our development plans. We offer a variety of careers and positions of responsibility, which require adaptability, versatility, autonomy and team spirit.

Recruitment process: Please apply on our website www.clemessy.fr

ESIGELEC graduate testimonials
Guillaume BRANCATA (Class of 1999)

After graduating from ESIGELEC in 1999, I began my career in telecoms and in 2002, I joined Clemessy to return to my first love, the automotive sector.

This business is active in a wide variety of areas, and enabled me to flourish in my field of activity: designing and building industrial production tools.

In 2004, my career took a new turn, and I specialised in developing test benches for gearboxes, in particular the signal processing software used for vibration analysis.

In 2008, I became the manager of a research department, which was an extremely rewarding experience in human terms.

Finally, I am starting 2013 as a Sales Development Manager, and am heavily involved in searching for projects abroad (China, Brazil, India and Russia).

Emeric CANTELOU (Class of 2009 – Electrical Engineering and Transport major)

As part of my ESIGELEC course, I went on a work-study programme at CLEMESSY. During my training, I worked on many projects in the electrotechnical research department at the Rouen agency.

At the end of my training, I was hired on a permanent contract immediately, at a time when the economic crisis was making it hard to find work in many sectors. But for CLEMESSY, an apprentice is trained so they can be hired.

Since then, I have always worked at the Research Department in Rouen. I was hired following my apprenticeship as an Electrotechnical Engineer.

I have now been a Technical Manager for 6 months, so I am in charge of all the technical aspects of our clients’ projects. Whilst I am still partly involved in technical design, I also play a management role, since I have to supervise staff at the Research Department while they conduct their research.

I design and size a variety of electrical installations, including:

  • MV installation: HV stations, Transformers…etc.
  • LV distribution: low voltage master distribution panels, distribution boards…etc.
  • Process installation: MCC boards, automation boards, motor power supply…etc.

We are fortunate to be able to work on a wide variety of projects, no two projects are alike.

In addition, the interactions we have with clients and suppliers/subcontractors make our job even more interesting

Contact : Mathieu Chevrier, Chargé Carrière - Employment & Careers Observatory, Corporate Relations and Apprenticeships, mathieu.chevrier@esigelec.fr