October 2012 - n°3
Partner school with the Institut Mines Telecom

In December 2010, ESIGELEC joined the Groupe des Ecoles des Mines. Since then, the foundation of the Institut Mines-Télécom on March 1st 2012 saw the Écoles des Mines and Écoles de l’Institut Télécom unite to form the largest group of engineering and management Grandes Écoles in France and set a benchmark for higher education, research and innovation.

The new state establishment pools together 6 Écoles des Mines (Mines Albi, Mines Alès, Mines Douai, Mines Nantes, Mines ParisTech, Mines Saint-Etienne) and 4 Écoles de l’Institut Télécom (Télécom Bretagne, Télécom Ecole de Management, Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis).

It also includes 2 strategic partners (Mines Nancy and Armines) and a network of 10 partner schools including ESIGELEC.

The Institut Mines-Télécom is now a major authority in France in terms of technological, managerial and scientific education as well as research and innovation.
Its goal is to set a benchmark for higher education and research whilst helping regions to grow.

Training, Research, Innovation: the new Institut’s 3 missions
In terms of training, the new Institut Mines-Télécom can provide new opportunities for ESIGELEC students with regards to mobility and joint degrees e.g. with Télécom École de Management. The group will also have greater international potential to build partnerships with leading academic figures.

In terms of research and innovation, researchers at the Institut Mines-Télécom cover a wide range of skills specific to engineering, digital technology, economic and social sciences and management. By joining forces, the new Institut can make its mark in the major disciplinary and applicative sectors for academic and industrial partnerships not only in France but also in Europe and further afield.

View the full press release on: http://www.mines-telecom.fr/p_fr_imt_actu_compresse_creation_472.html