June 2016 - n°12
2 new partnerships with Chinese schools

In May, a delegation made up of Etienne Craye, Director General of ESIGELEC, and Cyril Marteaux, Director of International Relations, travelled to Hangzhou and Shanghai to officially sign two partnership agreements with Chinese schools.

A new agreement was signed on 23 May with the Guangming school, Shanghai, with which ESIGELEC had already forged close relations. This new agreement was signed on the occasion of a fourth partner-school in the Classe d'Adaptation Conjointe de Shanghai (Shanghai Collective Adaptation Class), ECAM Lyon, which joins the current ESIGELEC partners in the programme, alongside EIGSI La Rochelle and NEOMA BS.

The collective adaptation class, within the Guanming school, spends three years on preparing Chinese students to enrol in the engineering or management training programmes at one of the partner schools.

This agreement has resulted in the announcement of major changes to this programme from 2017, namely the exemption from the GaoKao and the implementation of a simplified visa application procedure for registered students in the final year.

The programme, which was launched in 2012, currently hosts nearly 120 students in the second, first and final year, and is establishing itself more than ever as a programme of excellence, unique within the framework of the French-Chinese academic cooperation.

The partnership agreement, signed on 24 May 2016 in Hangzhou, with the School of Foreign Languages, between ESIGELEC, EIGSI La Rochelle, NEOMA BS and ECAM Lyon, opens the way for a second collective adaptation class.

This collective adaptation class in Hangzhou will benefit from the same advantages as that of Shanghai, and will cover the final year. The programme will welcome its first students in September 2016.

Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Director of International Relations, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr