June 2016 - n°12
Graduates in the media

April 2016
Interview with Vincent Marcatte, ESIGELEC graduate (class of 85), president of the Association of Institutes of Technological Research and president of the French Institutes of Technology (IRT).

Private-Public : working together to innovate !

The Institutes of Technological Research were created via the Investments for the Future programme in 2010 to support and improve the competitiveness of businesses through innovation via technological research. […]
Their aim is to combine the efforts of academic research and businesses to respond to the needs of the market […]
Following a call for projects, eight IRTs were selected and the first started in 2012. The IRTs allow businesses to share risks and pool resources. […]
In all, nearly 1200 people - researchers who have been made available and employees - have been working within the IRTs on 180 projects. The association of IRTs was created in 2015, and the purpose is to facilitate synergies and to be stronger by speaking with one voice. An informal club bringing together the different IRTs already existed.
The association's aim is to represent them officially before the Commissariat Général à l'investissement (General Investment Commission, CGI), different ministers, the National Research Agency and others […]

April 2016

Frédéric Delaunay was appointed Senior Director, IT Europe and global network of Bacardi-Martini.
A graduate of ESIGELEC (Class of 1997), he previously worked at Procter & Gamble between 1999 and 2012, where he became Director of IT Services, Network and End User computing.

25 March 2016

Claude Arnaud has been appointed President of Advancity (the competitiveness cluster of the Ile de France region dedicated to the city and sustainable mobility), succeeding Jean-Louis Marchand.

Prior to becoming the president of Advancity, this ESIGELEC graduate (Class of 1974) carried out numerous roles within Veolia Environment. He was, for example, Director of research and innovation and then regional director for the Mediterranean region at Veolia Transport, as well as Director of Development France at Transdev.

Still president of Efficacity: At the same time, Claude Arnaud has retained his mandate as president of Efficacy. This research and development centre is dedicated to energy transition in urban regions and has an annual budget of €6m, €3m of which comes from the government, the remainder coming from partner companies.