June 2016 - n°12
ESIGELEC and SNCF sign a school-business partnership agreement

Etienne Craye, Director of ESIGELEC, Philippe Lefèvre, Deputy Regional Director of SNCF Mobilités Normandie, and Emmanuèle Saura, Regional Director of SNCF Réseau Normandie, signed a school-business partnership agreement on Thursday 26 May 2016.

Global collaboration

The SNCF and ESIGELEC plan to engage in common and concerted actions to increase educational and technological exchanges, to promote the emergence of innovative projects and, in particular, to inform students about rail technology.

SNCF's objective is also to facilitate the recruitment of talents responding to their needs, and to strengthen their presence and image among students, potential future employees.

Students and their training at the heart of the partnership

With the extension of their current joint actions, and aiming to make a significant contribution, this partnership between SNCF and ESIGELEC will :

  • promote the hosting of ESIGELEC students from Rouen, in particular, by organising site visits,
  • facilitate the recruitment of young graduates, trainees and interns within the SNCF, and to dedicate technology research projects or final-year projects to them
  • strengthen links with the faculty through talks given by SNCF representatives
  • participate in discussions on the development of content and teaching methods
  • prepare students to become operational
  • involve students in communications actions conducted by the SNCF
  • inform SNCF employees of continuous training opportunities within ESIGELEC
Long-term collaboration

The SNCF has maintained close relationships with ESIGELEC for a number of years, and has been involved with leaders of groups set up by ESIGELEC and the ESIGELEC graduate association, SIGELEC. Over the last 20 years, 76 graduates and 33 ESIGELEC trainees have gone on to work in the company.

Contact : Clément Prévost, Director of Corporate Relations , clement.prevost@esigelec.fr