May 2012 - n° 1
VeDeCoM awarded a quality label

ESIGELEC is a member of the VeDeCoM IEED, which was the prize-winner in the "Future Investment" category for its Carbon-Free Connected Car project.

The VeDeCoM Institute is on the path to becoming the future benchmark for sustainable individual mobility.
Faced with unprecedented sweeping change at global level in terms of transport demand and usage, the VeDeCoM (Carbon-Free Connected Car and its Mobility) IEED* project, which has just been adopted by the General Commissariat of Future Investments, is intended to invent both new forms of mobility and new vehicles. It is in the form of a Research Institute bearing the name VeDeCoM that this project will enable the sustainable breakthroughs to be made enabling increased energy efficiency for individual means of transport, as well as greatly reducing energy consumption, whilst at the same time eliminating polluting emissions as a matter of priority in both urban and peri-urban zones.

Guillaume Devauchelle, the Chairman of the Mov'eoTec Foundation, which is going to sponsor the VeDeCoM institution, is delighted: “It’s a historic moment! The automotive sector as a whole is going to be opened up to new mobility actors, and energy and information services. VeDeCoM is thus going to bring together a unique set of skills and offer the combination of time and space required to generate the ecosystem that is essential for a nascent industrial sector that has a great future ahead of it”.

The VeDeCoM institute is destined to become the benchmark for the new sustainable individual mobility sector.
Established at the Versailles-Satory site, an integral part of the Saclay Plateau, in 3 years’ time the institute will have 280 researchers and will benefit from an investment of 300 million euros over a 10-year period.
*Institute of Excellence regarding Carbon-Free Energy Sources.
Source : VeDeCoM press release

The ESIGELEC IRSEEM Group at the heart of VeDeCoM
The strategy of the ESIGELEC/IRSEEM Group consists of offering the automotive sector, one of its main markets, local support in terms of research and training in the Île de France region, whilst at the same time enabling contributions towards the establishment in terms of nascent project opportunities in the cradle of what is going to form the core of technological innovation for future sustainable individual mobility, right in the heart of the Madrillet Technology Park in Rouen: the VeDeCoM institute, established on the Saclay-Satory Plateau. It is under the framework of this strategy that ESIGELEC took part as a founding member in the creation of the Mov'eoTec Foundation, which sponsors VeDeCom, whose Chairman Guillaume Devauchelle is moreover a member of the Board of ESIGELEC and Chairman of its Research Institute, the IRSEEM.

ESIGELEC is a stakeholder in VeDeCom both via IRSEEM and its teaching: firstly, existing research projects such as AUDACE and O2M, which involve several of IRSEEM’s partners, including Valeo and Thalès, aimed at being taken further under the framework of VeDeCom; and secondly, certain students trained at ESIGELEC in engineering sectors highly sought after by the automotive sector, could see part of their training carried out under the framework of VeDeCom. In practical terms, ESIGELEC could thus offer part of its engineering training on the Saclay-Satory Plateau, duplicating 3 of its themes by providing basic training in Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, as well as Electrical Engineering and Transport, thus supplementing its main establishment at the Madrillet Technology Park in Rouen.

This establishment project would contribute to establishing a bridge between Haute-Normandie via the Madrillet Technology Park (which is moreover the head office for the Mov’eo competitiveness hub, and the Île de France region as part of a connecting structure with Greater Paris, reinforcing the "Seine Axis". The proximity of these two regions and their involvement in industry (which they hold in common) will be reinforced thanks to the consistency and complementary nature of the activities and projects. The ESIGELEC/IRSEEM Group, which has new cutting-edge technology platforms provided by its new CISE (Embedded Systems Integration Campus), will thus experience growth in its scope for intervention, thereby providing access to reinforcing co-operative efforts with the VeDeCoM Institute’s existing and future partners. The concretisation of this project will rely on the support that institutional and industrial actors will provide it.

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