May 2012 - n° 1
The graduation ceremony and the Gala event sponsored by ETDE

The graduation ceremony for ESIGELEC 2011 class of graduating engineers was sponsored on 31 March by ETDE, the Energy and Services arm of Bouygues Construction, thus making official the links which have existed between the school and the company for some years now.

ETDE, which has been a partner of the school since 2008, sponsored this graduation ceremony, which was attended by Vincent Fillatre, the Development Director at ETDE, who presided over the ceremony. ETDE also supported the Gala's organization committee , which welcomed over 1,200 students and graduatesin a Carnival setting.
ETDE also supported the team that organised the Gala event, which welcomed over 1,200 students and graduates, focusing on a Carnival theme.

ETDE and ESIGELEC are strengthening their partnership
In May, ETDE and ESIGELEC will sign an agreement strengthening the partnership between the school and the company, which should include a new sponsorship which encompasses the individual tutoring of students specialising in the Business Engineering major during the final two years of their degree course.

The current partnership is already up and running through actions related to graduate recruiting and welcoming apprentice engineers and trainees within ETDE, as well as presentations by ETDE employees as part of teaching programs, and on the Steering Committee for the Business Engineering major in particular.
ETDE also contributes to developing ESIGELEC’s potential by paying the apprenticeship tax.

For Mehdi Guentas, an ETDE works engineer who graduated from ESIGELEC in 2008, and who is the Bouygues Group’s ambassador to the school, “this partnership between ETDE and ESIGELEC is an outstanding opportunity for building the future and is the result of a project initiated by the school and the company nearly a year ago”.

For some years, School Relations have been at the center of the young graduates recruiting and integration policy of Bouygues Construction and ETDE. Bouygues Construction Challenges, recruiting forums, and educational partnerships concluded with “target schools” and “local school actions” (worksite visits, study trips, institutional presentations, etc.) contribute every year to strengthen the Group’s attractiveness and its image as a benchmark employer. In order to develop and coordinate its Schools Relations policy, in 2007 Bouygues Construction developed the network of Campus Managers, the Group’s ambassadors to schools that they graduated from, who are the students’ priority contacts.

About ETDE
ETDE, which is the Energy and Services arm of Bouygues Construction, designs, implements, maintains and operates networks (energy infrastructures, digital infrastructures, electrical and thermal engineering, public lighting, etc.) and local services (facilities management, industrial maintenance, town services, etc.). ETDE commits to guarantee the long-term viability of its technical solutions and the performance of its services in order to improve the quality of the living environment on a sustainable basis. ETDE carries out work for public and private-sector customers in the energy, industrial, tertiary, nuclear and telecommunications fields. Both in France and internationally, ETDE relies on the know-how, commitment and responsiveness of its 12,000 employees in order to contribute to innovative solutions providing a high level of technological added value to its customers. With 200 establishments in France and a presence in over 20 countries internationally, ETDE achieved a turnover of 1.6 billion euros in 2010.
For further information, visit the ETDE Website : www.etde.fr

The graduates, sponsored by Karine Hébert, ETDE HRD for the Normandy Region, Vincent Fillatre, ETDE GET Northern Regional Director, and Mehdi Guentas, ETDE Major Projects Works Engineer