May 2012 - n° 1
Sustainable Engineer’s Day

ESIGELEC’s Sustainable Development Students’ Association is organising the annual Sustainable Engineer’s Day on 9 May from 12 to 2 pm.
Stands will be set up in the school’s reception hall which will provide presentations of engineering projects, as well as “initiative and creativity” projects on sustainable development.

A lecture on sustainable energy sources and sustainable development will close the event, followed by a ceremony rewarding the best initiative and creativity projects and engineering projects.

The engineering project, carried out by teams of 6 students, involves the 2nd and 3rd years of the engineering syllabus. Each team’s mission is to develop a project proposed by a company or a research structure, from the feasibility study to the implementation the project.

The initiative and creativity project is carried out from the start of the academic year during the 1st year of the engineering syllabus. The students have to form 3 to 5-person teams to work on a cultural, sporting or humanitarian project, and carry it out over a year until it is actually implemented. This project can be carried out with an external partner such as a charity, various clubs, etc.
Contact : Ulrich Mba Edou, mba-edou.10@groupe-esigelec.fr