May 2012 - n° 1

PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) regional group of the Graduates Association (SIGELEC) organised a visit to the worksite for the ITER project on Friday 6 April.The 11 participants were able to discover the scope of the project which, due to its size and its objectives, constitutes an ambitious scientific adventure. Construction of the installation at Cadarache has brought together 34 nations which are jointly collaborating on completing achieving the "first plasma" in the ITER reactor by 2020.

For Nils Salin (Class of 2002), who is the co-ordinator of the PACA Group, “This exciting visit enabled us to grasp the stakes involved in fusion as a future source of energy that will act as a replacement for the current fission technology used in 58 French reactors, and as a supplement to renewable energy sources.”

The PACA Group, which is very active, is already envisaging a visit to the worksite of the MUCEM (Museum of Mediterranean European Civilizations) in Marseilles next June.

Contact : Nils SALIN , nilssalin@gmail.com
Website : http://www.sigelec.asso.fr/