May 2012 - n° 1
International Staff Training Week

ESIGELEC co-organised the International Staff Training Week (ISTW) from 2 to 6 April along with 7 other Higher Education Institutions in Rouen (the University of Rouen, RBS, INSA, CESI, ESITPA, IDS, and ENSA) within the framework of CESAR (Nine Higher Education Institutions in Rouen).

This International Staff Training Week, focused on the internationalization and the challenges of the French Higher Education System, was offered to partner universities from the 8 organizing institutions.

Over 40 people from all over the world took part to this event, 14 of them came from 8 partners’ universities of ESIGELEC (Aarhus School of Engineering (Denmark), Lehigh University (United States), Missouri University of Science and Technology (United States), Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China), Ningbo University (China), Ningbo University of Technology (China), St Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation (Russia), and the University of Annaba (Algeria).

Three themes were developed during this week:
  • Specificities of the French Higher Education System,
  • Links with Business, Industry and Society,
  • The international dimension

On Tuesday 3rd of April, ESIGELEC welcomed all the participants of the ISTW for a presentation of the school and two workshops.
Moreover, ESIGELEC jointly co-ordinated the following three workshops :
  • “Links between schools and companies”,
  • “Professionals involved in higher education”,
  • “Apprenticeship and combined work-training programmes”.

Contact : Cecilia Brunel, Deputy Director of International Relations and Programmes , cecilia.brunel@esigelec.fr