May 2012 - n° 1
First 3D capture for VICON

A team from IRSEEM, the ESIGELEC Research Institute, has presented a handling operation using the VICON 3D capture tool, overseen by Pierre Merriaux. The VICON tool is motion capture technology, based on twenty or so video cameras and infrared markers. It enables movements and trajectories to be reconstructed on a real-time basis. The CISE (Embedded Systems Integration Campus) Independent Navigation platform enabled this experiment to be conducted, which was presented in the Laval Virtual room.

In the video that you can view below, Sarah, an MDMSA Badminton player, is equipped with 38 infrared markers enabling video cameras laid out around the platform to reproduce her movements on a computer. The software thus processes the signals sent by the markers in order to provide 3D modelling of her movements.

Contact : Pierre Merriaux, Research Engineer at IRSEEM, pierre.merriaux@esigelec.fr

Sport Motion Capture par ESIGELEC-IRSEEM