May 2012 - n° 1
CISE through a video

Our CISE project Embedded Systems Integration Campus, has become a reality after 5 years of collaborative work. Its technological platforms and its innovation and transfer space will be promoted in co-operation with all our academic, institutional and corporate partners in the context of projects overseen by IRSEEM and CRT (Technological Resources Centre).

Watch the video of CISE :

CISE - Presentation by ESIGELEC-IRSEEM
The CISE project originated from the industrial needs expressed via the Normandie AéroEspace network (including Aircelle, SNECMA, SAGEM, Thales, etc.), the automotive sector (Renault, Valeo, etc.), the Mov’eo competitiveness hub, and companies in the digital sector. Based on these needs, the ESIGELEC/IRSEEM Group determined in 2006 collaborative work strategies enabling medium and long-term planning. The idea was to design a project providing a structure for multiple actors, that would bring together industrials, research structures, and actors in the higher education sector.

CISE, which is a research, innovation and transfer tool, had its first stone laid in September 2010. Now dedicated to energy and sustainable mobility, it is complementary to other existing or future platforms in the French research sector, in the field of onboard systems involving integration in the service of energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Its characteristics :
  • 3 types of activity: Research, Transfer & Innovation and Industrial Coordination,
  • Several application fields: Navigation systems, clean and economical vehicles, electric aircraft of the future, fleets of robots, ambient intelligence, personal support, etc.
  • 4 platforms :
    • A platform dedicated to navigation: software solutions or electronic devices developed for the needs of the aerospace and automotive sectors will be integrated there at first.
    • A platform dedicated to EMC, mechatronics, and micro-electronics: IRSEEM’s current resources will be supplemented by a micro-electronics laboratory equipped with a white room for implementing test devices and receiving a close electromagnetic field measuring bench suitable for electronic components. Machining equipment and a simulation unit will also be featured in this laboratory.
    • A platform dedicated to electric vehicles oriented towards the integration of electrical and electronic engine block, gearbox and braking system components. Innovative control strategies will be developed there.
    • A platform for nacelles (a device to house jet engines) – equipment made available by Aircelle – will enable new generations of fully-electric nacelles to be developed which will equip the aircraft of the future.
  • 2 innovation, transfer and coordination spaces: They will enable companies and sponsors of innovative projects to benefit from suitable support: transfer initiatives, monitoring, pre-incubation, meetings with researchers and engineers, R&D, etc.
A partner-based project
Funding for the CISE, representing €14 M, including €8 M for the real estate, came from the following: the European Union, the French State, the Upper-Normandy Region, the Seine-Maritime Département, the CREA, the CCIR, ESIGELEC and support from Aircelle.
The project leader is the CCIR (Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
CISE was awarded a quality label as a structural project by the Mov’eo hub and by the Normandie AéroEspace network.
It has just been awarded the Seine Maritime Architecture Prize, as part of the Upper-Normandy Architecture and Town Planning Grand Prize. (the firm CBA Architecte)
Website : www.esigelec.fr/IRSEEM
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