Smart Autonomous VEhicle for Urban MObility using Renewable Energy

The SAVEMORE project's objective is to evaluate impact, feasability and added-value of an autonomous smart (and small) vehicle for delivery in an urban environment. The concept is to save time, energy and the environment by removing 3.5 ton trucks or vans from the cities.

Work package 1

Benefits in using electrical autonomous vehicles for delivery in an urban mobility scheme

Work package 2

Adaptation of concepts used in autonomous robotics to an urban delivery autonomous vehicle

Work package 3

Design, simulation, test, demonstration


Important Dates
✘ June 2013
Beginning of the project
✘ 12 February 2014
Kick-off meeting
✘ 25 June 2014
Presentation of the project at MOVEO's electromobility event
✘ May 2015
End of the project