December 2013 - n°6
UHA contract demonstration and conclusion
IRSEEM, ESIGELEC’s research institute, hosted an event to celebrate the end of the UHA (Université de Haute Alsace) contract on Thursday October 24th 2013. The project team gave a demonstration of the test car in front of the school’s staff for the occasion.

The UHA contract involved making a production car autonomous and fitting it with an embedded computer to guide it using programmes (algorithms) in a way that is “transparent” for drivers.

For the demonstration, project manager Nicolas Roger sat in the passenger seat with a joystick to show that the car could be driven without touching the steering wheel or pedals.

The UHA project is one of the biggest contracts ever carried out by IRSEEM’s Technical Resource Department. It began in July 2013 and finished at the end of October.

Watch a video of the demonstration below:

UHA Contract Demonstration by ESIGELEC-IRSEEM

Contact: Nicolas Roger, Head of Technical Resource Department, nicolas.roger@esigelec.fr