December 2013 - n°6
Tifo Tour at ESIGELEC
Thirty students got together to take part in the first Tifo Tour organised by the TREMPLIN association on Tuesday November 26th.

The event was part of the 17th Disability Employment Awareness Week and involved displaying double-sided signs, one saying "Committed” and the other saying “Disability Employment Awareness Week.”

ESIGELEC used this event to highlight its commitment to an active and inclusive disability policy alongside the TREMPLIN association whose vocation is to support disabled college and university students in further education.

The event was attended by Mrs Véronique Dubois, VDRH Conseil (for SPIE Communications and SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest) working on behalf of certain disability projects for the SPIE Group, ESIGELEC’s partner company.

Contact : Delphine Leclerc-Delapierre, Head of Humanities, Languages and Management, delphine.leclerc-delapierre@esigelec.fr