December 2013 - n°6
Apec and ESIGELEC sign partnership agreement
On October 25th, ESIGELEC Managing Director Pierre-Olivier CHARREYRON and member of Normandy Apec’s Joint Committee Jean LOISEL signed a partnership agreement to support students with career planning and introduce them to the business world. The partnership has a steering committee to produce an annual report on its activities.

Teaching modules and available resources

The partnership between Apec (French association for young professional employment) and ESIGELEC involves rolling out activities to enable students to master professional support tools and better understand data in the jobs market. Apec thus provides information, advice and specific training to better guide them to a successful position. Apec also helps to design teaching modules. Last but not least, the association provides students with additional tools such as:

  • Teaching resources (video, tutorials, forms etc.)
  • APIs [1] can be installed on the school’s website or inserted into dedicated job seeker sections
  • Its “translating degree to skills” guide
ESIGELEC makes career plan support a priority

For ESIGELEC, this partnership helps students to plan their careers with HR workshops, teaching modules such as CV writing or interview role play, careers conferences and company visits. Every year the Forum Normand plays host to over 50 companies in partnership with the school’s graduate association (SIGELEC) to provide support to working engineers. Each procedure aims to better match training with company requirements to uphold an excellent rate of young graduates finding work. The recent survey of 2012 graduates found that 94% of graduates were employed in less than 6 months.

Apec, partner of grandes écoles and universities

With a key role in the executive employment market, Apec provides support and advice to both executives throughout their career to foresee and plan their evolution and students in higher education to start looking for their first job. Apec has also formed partnerships with universities and schools to help young graduates find work by providing them with references and information to plan their search.

Contact : Clément Prévost, Director of Corporate Relations and Apprenticeships, clement.prevost@esigelec.fr

[1]Technical solution to automatically send out job offers