December 2013 - n°6
GTS-2ENTREes, energy in the right direction
IRSEEM and GREAH* presented the progress of their work on the GTS-2ENTREes project as part of the GRR EEM (Energy, Electronics and Materials large-scale Research Network) 2013 Day. The event was held in the CISE lecture theatre, ESIGELEC-IRSEEM’s new building in the Madrillet Technopole in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

The project entitled “Management, Transformation, Storage: Embedded Energy and New Electricity Network Technologies” aims to provide a test and development platform capable of handling several energy sources to optimise converters dedicated to renewable sources. Converters are tools which transform different types of electrical energy from various sources (solar, wind etc.) into useful electrical or mechanical energy.

Energy produced by wind turbines, solar panels and even batteries is all different. A converter makes the energy generic and able to be used on the same appliance: the electric engine in a car or a bulb for example.

Ecological innovations

The GTS-2ENTREes project presents two interesting innovations: the diversity of energy sources and the possibility of studying the overall output of converters to restrict the use of sources with too great a carbon footprint in the long term. In the case of an electric car, converters are bidirectional (4 quadrants) which makes the conversion from a source to a charge and vice versa possible. Therefore, when braking, collected energy is converted into electrical energy redirected through the battery.

The GTS-2ENTREes platform thus simulates the battery or any other energy source and is paired with a “charge” engine which simulates resistance on the road (speed, slopes etc.). The project’s main aim is to optimise the converter. For example, when a car goes down a hill, the energy collected when braking will only allow it to go back up an equivalent slope since the energy collected downhill is far less than the energy required to go uphill. By adding a solar panel and converter, the car will be able to go up a few extra kilometres.

* GREAH: Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Automatique du Havre

Contact : Fabrice Duval, EMC Expert, fabrice.duval@esigelec.fr