December 2013 - n°6
CareStore, a project that cares
ESIGELEC’s Research Institute IRSEEM is taking part in an innovative project in the cyber healthcare sector to improve quality of life for the elderly and carers.

The aim of CareStore is to design a platform inspired by Apple and Google to encourage the use of digital technology in the health sector. The platform enables web designers and equipment manufacturers to provide their services in a transparent way to potential users: health centres and retirement homes. 

The two year project that began in October 2012 will enable organisations and public/private bodies to choose suppliers and match IT equipment and software from several distributors. The long term goal is to implement these technologies in the domestic sectors and support the elderly.
IRSEEM has worked in two areas specifically:

  • Personal data management and security for patients during hand-over
  • Specific antenna design for powerful identification and analysis of any magnetic interference which may impair measures
By developing an open source platform, CareStore will provide a uniform user interface for hospital and retirement home staff to access. Any technology and appliance can thus be installed and connected with complete interoperability.

Project website: www.carestore.eu

Contact : Joseph Mouzna, Teacher-researcher, joseph.mouzna@esigelec.fr