December 2013 - n°6
Bouygues Construction Challenge: An ESIGELEC student in the winning team
The 17th Bouygues Construction Challenge ended on November 28th at the Campus Des Berges de Seine with one of the school’s students in the winning team.

Three ESIGELEC students were selected to take part in the Bouygues Construction Challenge by Bouygues Construction and Bouygues Energies & Services.

This business game is based on a real example of project management and this year focused on the Nîmes-Montpellier bypass provided by Bouygues’ Public Works and event sponsor DTP Terrassement affiliates. The teams of 6 had a limited time in which to create and put forward a tender before a panel of the Group’s decision makers.

For the first time, teams were made up of students with complementary skills from different schools and an equal mix of men and women. A half-day was also devoted to workshops hosted by HR specialists to help guide future graduates in seeking employment. The three ESIGELEC students were in three different teams.
12 teams from thirty schools competed for two days. Students were congratulated for their team spirit, competitiveness, ingenuity, time management and negotiation skills.

Members of winning team n°3 included Jean-Baptiste DESROSIERS, a 3rd year engineering student at ESIGELEC majoring in IA-DES (Business Engineering-Energy Distribution and Networks) and students from AUDENCIA, DAUPHINE, ENPC, EPF and ESPT.

Contact : Fadoua Bouzbouz, Co-director of the Business Engineering-IT and Networks module, fadoua.bouzbouz@esigelec.fr
Delphine Leclerc-Delapierre, Head of Humanities, Languages and Management, delphine.leclerc-delapierre@esigelec.fr
Photo credit: http://carrieres.bouygues-construction.com/actualites/decouvrez-les-gagnants-de-ledition-2013