December 2013 - n°6
Poster Day

As part of the Engineering Project, students will present their poster portraying their project to the public on Thursday January 30th.

The Engineering Project involves managing a project in all its technological, organisational, financial and personnel aspects. Teams are made up of six 2nd and 3rd year Engineering students. Projects are suggested by companies, ESIGELEC, IRSEEM and even students who are motivated to start up their own company.

Each team has to:

  • Research the subject with companies and R&D businesses
  • Produce a technical economic feasibility study approved by the applicant structure
  • Produce specifications
  • Complete the project
  • Present the result of the project in public

Each group is monitored by a two supervisors and a teacher. They can contact experts for questions about the project.

The poster day ends with prize giving.

There are three prize categories:

Department prizes:

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Department Prize 
  • Embedded Systems and Instrumentation Department Prize 
  • IT and Communications Technologies Department Prize 
  • Electrical Engineering and Energy Department Prize  

Engineering Project commission prizes:

  • Innovation Prize
  • Sustainable Development Prize

And the People’s Choice Prize voted on by visitors: companies, PhD students, ESIGELEC staff, students, college students as part of the Cordées de la Réussite.

Contact : Delphine Leclercq-Delapierre, Head of Humanities, Languages and Management,
delphine.leclercq-delapierre@esigelec.fr et
Christine Roueche, Head of the IT and Communications Technologies Dept, christine.roueche@esigelec.fr

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