December 2013 - n°6
France Winter Tour
ESIGELEC will soon welcome the second linguistic and scientific adaptation class from Shanghai’s Guangming college. Forty year 11 students aged 15-16 will come to experience the school and its surroundings from January 14th – 24th 2014.

They will have classes (physics, French, maths, practicals etc.), company visits (ESF nuclear plant in Paluel) and cultural visits during their time in Rouen. They will visit Mont-Saint-Michel, Etretat, Honfleur and go on a guided tour of Rouen.

They will leave Normandy on January 22nd for partner school EIGSI (Ecole d’ingénieur en génie des systèmes industriels) in La Rochelle where they’ll stay for two days. They will then visit Paris before they take their return flight.

ESIGELEC has organised this programme for the second year running. The goal is to give students an intensive French language course to prepare them for the 5 year engineering course at ESIGELEC or its partner school EIGSI.

Contact : Cyril Marteaux, Director of International Relations and module courses, cyril.marteaux@esigelec.fr