December 2013 - n°6
A 3D scanner wins the Tremplin des Génies
The ESIGELEC challenge showcases new students’ talent in innovation and creativity at the Tremplin des Génies every September. The third challenge saw 13 teams take each other on from September 25th to 27th.

The award ceremony also featured a presentation by Virginie Ducreux and Isabelle Sey (2009 ESIGELEC graduates) who co-founded “Spread Button”, a software solution creating marketing campaigns on social networks.

Groups of 4 students had 24 hours to come up with an innovative project on technological subjects for the future in the school’s very own competition. The contest kicked off with workshops hosted by NEOMA Business School consultants about creative techniques and tools and Market Research. This time round the students had to present innovative product or service ideas in one of three areas: e-commerce, mobile apps or the sports industry.

The “e scan fit app” project won the Tremplin
Students designed a 3D scanner providing room dimensions, furniture details, plugs etc. to fit out a room using an app linked up to suppliers’ websites to suit the decor style. The team was made up of Marine LAFONT DE SENTENAC, Clément DANY and Grégory YQUEL.

The 2 runner-ups designed a home automation app with “e plug” and “GPS multimedia tourism”, a GPS system and video for bicycle touring fans to enjoy tourist routes.

The winning team won a stay at one of the European Interreg IV B project partners at Open Innovation, which this competition is part of.

More generally, this competition is part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship module which enables ESIGELEC students to develop start-up projects for creative minds through teaching sessions, science projects, sessions with designers and coaching.

Contacts : Delphine Leclerc-Delapierre, Head of Humanities, Languages and Management, delphine.leclerc-delapierre@esigelec.fr
Vincent Lepers, Head of European Projects, vincent.lepers@esigelec.fr